How much zinc should you take for erectile dysfunction?

There could be a hundred different reasons why you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction. Maybe you’re experiencing high levels of stress in your professional or personal life. Or perhaps you have a health condition, such as high cholesterol or anemia, that is restricting or reducing blood flow to your penis. Whatever it is, you need an effective treatment for it, both for your own self esteem and your overall well being. The zinc dosage for erectile dysfunction is 11mg per day.

Can Zinc help with erectile dysfunction? Scientific studies in the past couple of decades have revealed an interesting connection between erectile dysfunction and a mineral called zinc. These results could be the key for men looking for a more natural solution to their erection 

What is zinc?

You’ve probably heard of zinc before, even if you’re not particularly knowledgeable about health supplements. It’s a popular supplement for both men and women because of its many benefits. Zinc is known to aid several different natural body processes, including:

  • The immune system 
  • Metabolism
  • Gut health
  • The nervous system
  • Cell growth
  • Taste and smell

It can also cure or improve physical maladies, such as:

  • Inflammation
  • Wounds
  • Acne

And, of course, our personal favorite: zinc also helps improve erectile dysfunction. 

How does Zinc help with erectile dysfunction?

How can a mineral help your penis grow again? Zinc is scientifically proven to improve sexual performance in males. In a study published in 2009, researchers found that male rats who were regularly given zinc supplements experienced increased levels of testosterone, and their ability to thrust and ejaculate for long periods of time became greater.

Zinc aids in the body’s production of testosterone and prolactin, both of which are sex hormones. A healthy testosterone level, as you are probably aware, is extremely important to male sexual performance, and also male health in general. Not only does it aid in the development of the penis and testicles, but it also increases the size and strength of muscle and bone, increases libido, and increases sperm count. 

On the flip side, scientists have also found that without a healthy level of zinc in his body, a human male’s testes may not fully develop and their sperm count may be lower than normal. This is a startling fact when compared with the statistic that says that as of 2012, 17% of the world’s population, including women and children, are deficient in zinc. 

There are artificial methods for increasing testosterone, including hormone therapy. However, for most people, hormone therapy is too intense and only creates more problems. There is also such a thing as too much testosterone, which can actually cause impotence. That sounds like a paradox, but compare it to the fact that if you drink too much water, which is good for you, you can literally drown yourself.  

Too much testosterone also causes a host of other unpleasant, even dangerous side effects, including headaches, acne, liver disease, prostate enlargement, and heart problems. 

Zinc is a safe way to increase testosterone levels. It’s not as extreme as hormone therapy, and you or your doctor can modify the dosage based on your unique levels. It’s also a naturally occurring element in nature, so you’re not taking something created in a lab. Depending on your personal zinc and testosterone levels, this supplement may be the ideal solution for your erection problem if you’re looking for a natural remedy.

Zinc Dosage for Erectile Dysfunction

The recommended daily allowance, or RDA, of zinc in adult males over the age of 19 years old is 11 mg per day. This amount is designed to prevent zinc deficiency, but it may not necessarily help men who are already experiencing deficiency. For these individuals, experts suggest taking 2-3 times the RDA amount for a period of six months. If your levels are extremely low or non-existent, you should take 4-5 times the RDA amount, also for six months. 

Zinc does not occur naturally in the human body, so it must be obtained from an outside source. While you may prefer taking supplements in capsule or tablet form, you can also get zinc from several different types of food. Consider incorporating the following food items into your diet:

  • Iron-rich foods such as beef liver and spinach
  • Shellfish
  • Legumes such as soya beans, lima beans, and green beans
  • Fortified, but not sugary cereals
  • Dark chocolate
  • Nuts

By integrating some or all of the above food items into your meals, you are likely to increase your zinc levels without relying entirely on a supplement. This can be helpful for men who have a difficult time remembering to take a pill every day, or who want to save money on expensive vitamins. 

Final thoughts

While a zinc deficiency might just be the thing keeping you from having control of your penis, zinc is just one of the many possible factors that might be influencing your ED. You might need to make a number of changes to your lifestyle to see improvements in your erectile function. Click here if you would like a plan designed specifically for you to combat your ED, created by one of Viking Man’s licensed doctors. Personalized medical treatment could be exactly what you need.

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