Safe Male Enhancement Treatments That Actually Work

If you’ve been on the internet long enough to have an email address, chances are you’ve received a spam message or twenty with a subject line promising enormous erections, passionate nights, or a wildly successful dating life. These emails almost always end up in the junk folder, but for people who struggle with ED, those subject line promises might be more than a little tempting. Unfortunately, the links that those emails include typically only lead to scams or to untested and potentially dangerous products. You have to find Safe male enhancement treatments.

So the question is, are there ED treatments out there that actually work? Or are they nothing more than clickbait, just as genuine as the “busty women who want hot sex” in your other spam emails?

Male enhancement: treatments and drawbacks

First, we need to talk about what is male enhancement?. What do these treatments claim to do, besides revolutionize your love life?

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are four categories that these treatments usually fall into:

  • Pills and lotions
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Exercises
  • Stretching

Pills and lotions

Pills and lotions typically contain vitamins, herbs, and hormones their manufacturers claim will help create bigger, stronger erections. These vary wildly from brand to brand, and their efficacy is often unproven. 

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps make the penis temporarily larger, because the pump draws blood into the penis and makes it swell. However, these devices can sometimes damage certain tissues and contribute to softer erections. 


Certain manual exercises can stimulate blood flow to the penis, but ultimately can lead to pain and the formation of scar tissue if done the wrong way or too often. 


Stretching devices, also known as penile traction devices, physically stretch the penis to increase length. These devices can be effective, but their safety has been largely untested.


The majority of these treatments have not been FDA-approved and have not been widely tested. The promises they make are inflated, misleading, and prey on the desires of people who struggle with erectile dysfunction and are desperate for a cheap and effective solution.

Luckily, there are a few companies out there who are working hard to change the game and offer customers a wider range of great options to treat their erectile dysfunction. These companies avoid gimmicks, harmful exercises, and untested blends of herbs and hormones, and focus on bringing safe, FDA-approved, and more affordable male enhancement treatment directly to each of our customers.

LemonAid Health

LemonAid Health is a California-based company that brands itself as a “national online doctor’s office.” They offer online appointments with licensed physicians who are able to recommend a course of treatment and write prescriptions for patients, all without ever requiring a visit to a physical office.

This company offers treatments for a wide variety of conditions, including insomnia, acne, depression and anxiety, high cholesterol, and erectile dysfunction.

Because the business is set up to guide patients toward care and treatment for a number of different ailments, LemonAid health does not make their own products. Instead, they offer prescriptions for name-brand or generic ED medications. The biggest selling point of LemonAid is the comfort and convenience of online appointments, as well as the fast and free shipping that customer’s get from their mail-order pharmacy.

For erectile dysfunction, they prescribe Cialis and Viagra, as well as their generic versions, which use the same active ingredient.


REXMD shares many features in common with LemonAid Health: They offer telehealth services that connect patients with licensed physicians through online appointments, help craft personalized treatment plans for each patient’s needs, and provide prescriptions that are delivered quickly and discreetly.

They also prescribe largely Viagra and Cialis and their generic versions, but they also offer Levitra, which has a different active ingredient than the other two name-brand medications and has been shown to be slightly more potent than Viagra in some studies.

Unlike LemonAid, REXMD specializes in men’s health specifically instead of treating a wide range of conditions across the gender spectrum. They offer care for sexual health, hair loss, immune support, cold sores, and primary care tailored to men’s health needs.

Price is a significant selling point for REXMD, and a chart on the front page of their website shows lower prices per tablet than other companies like LemonAid or Roman, with their lowest price being $10/tablet.


Roman specializes in men’s health as well, but offers scientifically backed care for a wider variety of concerns than REXMD, including prostate health, allergies, heart health, and many others.

Roman like, the others, offers online telehealth appointments, easy prescription fulfilment, and fast, discreet shipping. Price is also a major selling point for this company, as their website claims that customers can pay up to 85% less than what they would pay in an ordinary pharmacy for their prescriptions.

Like LemonAid and REXMD, Roman offers Viagra and Cialis for the treatment of ED, as well as their generic versions. Unlike REXMD, LemonAid does not prescribe Levitra.


Hims goes beyond men’s health and markets itself as a resource for “all things men’s wellness.” This company offers a variety of prescriptions for erectile dysfunction as well as skincare products, hair loss and maintenance products, and anxiety and depression treatments. They also provide COVID-19 tests, herbal supplements, and primary care. They go beyond Roman, REXMD, and LemonAid to care for the overall wellness, not just certain conditions.

They too offer telehealth appointments, easy prescriptions and prescription fulfillments, and competitive pricing, as low as $4 per dose.

Hims has a slightly wider range of treatment options for ED than the others: while they prescribe Viagra, Cialis, and their generic versions, they also prescribe Stendra (Avanafil), which is fast-acting and effective after 15 minutes.

Viking Man 

Ok, so obviously we are playing favorites a little bit and saving the best for last, but hear us out. While at first glance, Viking Man may seem to have quite a lot in common with these other companies, we stand out in some important ways.

Like the others, Viking Man offers convenient, online appointments with licensed physicians who will listen and work with you to craft a personalized treatment plan for you and your health goals. Our shipping is fast and discreet, making sure you never have to leave the comfort of your own home to receive treatment.

Currently, we prescribe Viagra and Cialis, as well as their generic versions with the same active ingredient.

Here are some key features that set us apart from the others:

  • At Viking Man, we believe in complete health, and in giving our customers the tools and knowledge to improve their well-being overall. In addition to our ED treatments, we share content that supports and promotes men’s health, as well as an email newsletter full of essential information that will help you live your healthiest life.
  • Our pricing is unrivaled, making ED treatment more affordable than it has ever been. Your initial appointment with your physician is free, with free and unlimited follow-up appointments anytime in the future. Additionally, Viking Man medications can be as low as $2 per pill, which is significantly cheaper than other brands or any commercial pharmacy.
  • Because of our commitment to holistic health and wellness and our unparalleled customer service, we also have the best customer retention in the industry. We treat each and every customer as a whole person with unique strengths, challenges, and needs, and we prioritize health and happiness over everything.

If you are ready to conquer your ED once and for all, visit to connect with one of our doctors and receive your first treatment.

Final thoughts

While scams may run rampant on the internet, there are companies out there like Viking Man that offer quality, safe ED medication that can help you achieve the erections of your dreams. We’ve provided you this comprehensive guide to some of the best ED services out there because we want you to find the treatment that works best for you. Hopefully, we’ve made a satisfying sex life just a little eaiser for you to reach. Call us at 833-698-4546 for questions you might still have.

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