Does Fish Oil Help Improve Erectile Dysfunction?

You’ve probably heard of fish oil and how it’s recommended for people with inflammation. But what you may not know is that it’s also recommended as a supplement to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

But does fish oil help erectile dysfunction issues? What even is fish oil? And how does it work? We answer all these questions and more below. 

What Is Fish Oil?

Fish oil, unsurprisingly, is derived from fish; specifically, the tissues from fish that are considered “oily,” such as tuna, herring, salmon, and anchovies. The oil can also be taken from the livers of certain fish, including cod. 

This type of oil is so popular because it contains omega-3’s, which are fatty acids that lower inflammation in the human body. They also contain Vitamin A and D; Vitamin D in particular is important for men’s sexual health. 

The Difference Between Omega 3 And Omega 6

Don’t make the mistake of confusing omega-3’s with omega-6’s. The latter is produced from vegetable oils, and consuming too much of them can lead to severe health problems, including blood clots. The Western diet is chock full of this lesser fatty acid because of our reliance on vegetable oil in our fried and processed foods, which means the likelihood of developing heart issues on this diet is high. And they certainly don’t help with erectile dysfunction issues. 

What Are The Benefits Of Fish Oil? 

Omega-3’s, on the other hand, are highly beneficial for you in several different ways, not just in helping you regain your get up and go. They also lower inflammation in your body, which reduces physical stress and promotes good digestive and heart function, and just good health overall. 

In addition, omega-3’s make up nearly 60% of your brain fat. Taking fish oil, then, promotes mental and cognitive health, and may reduce depression. 

Omega-3’s can also be found in your skin. Ingesting fish oil supplements supports your skin health and may reduce the risk of damage from the sun as well as aging.  

To sum it up, fish oil with omega-3’s is a super supplement that will benefit your overall health, but also boost your sex life. Because the better you feel, inside and out, the more you’re able to elax and enjoy sex again. 

What Are Its Side Effects? 

The potential side effects you may experience while taking fish oil supplements are generally not severe. And you may experience different ones, or none, depending on which brand you’re taking. 

The side effects include: fish taste in the mouth, belching, bad breath, heartburn, nausea, loose stools, a rash, and nosebleeds. Read the reviews of fish oil supplements before you buy them to see what other customers say, if they taste fish when they take it or belch up the taste afterwards. When you find one that works for you, you can easily add it to your daily supplement regimen. 

How Does Fish Oil Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Fish oil promotes better blood circulation, which is the function of ED prescription drugs. Better circulation of the blood means that more of it is flowing toward the penis and helping it erect. In a 2017 study of rats with ED, omega-3’s were shown to greatly improve their situation and allow them to achieve erection. 

A study published in 2020 backs up the previous findings by showing that young men who took fish oil supplements developed larger testes and produced more semen. 

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take?

The recommended daily intake, or RDA as set by the National Institute of Health in the United States, is 1.6 grams (1600 mg) per day for adult men. The reason for the high RDA is that in order to ingest an effective amount of fatty acids, you must consume a high amount of fish oil. 

You can also get fish oil just by adding fish to your diet. Try searing some salmon, or combining tuna with mayonnaise for sandwiches. 

Fish Oil Is Viking Man Approved

What does Viking Man have to say about fish oil and how it benefits men suffering from erectile dysfunction? We say: we approve! We highly recommend natural methods of improving your sexual health. Not only is fish oil safe for humans to ingest, it’s also completely natural, and will help you harness your innate masculine energy to feel confident in bed again. But for an alternative option, check out to connect with one of our doctors to explain more on the treatment plan we offer.

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