How to Exude Confidence Without Saying a Word

There is nothing that screams confidence more than a man who can walk into a room and command respect and attention because of his body language. Those who are most confident in themselves don’t have to tell us so; they show it. If you are able to convey confidence simply by the way you carry yourself, people will naturally be drawn to you.

We have compiled a list for men explaining how to exude self confidence without saying a word.

Make Eye Contact

One of the surest signs of a confident man is when he maintains appropriate eye contact. Avoiding eye contact could imply that you are either insecure or not interested in a conversation. Maintaining eye contact is an excellent way of showing dominance, competence, and even sincerity.

Dress Well, Smell Better

We live in a society that pays a lot of attention to a person’s outward appearance. Whether in a corporate or social setting, it is crucial to look your best. Dressing well will help to boost your confidence and productivity. It also signals to others that you value yourself, and that they should value you, too.

Smelling great is another telltale sign of confidence. This proves that you take pride not only in how you dress but your fragrance. Dressing well and smelling great quickly communicates that you are someone worth paying attention to.


Smiling is synonymous with happiness, and happiness gives off confident energy. When people see you smile, it can improve their mood. A smile makes you appear more friendly and approachable. Smiling is a great way to put your confidence on display.

Keep Your Chin Up

People who walk and look down at their feet seem insecure and unapproachable. There is something respectable about a man who looks strong and straight ahead.

Stop the Slouching

Sitting and slouching looks clumsy and can emit a feeling of doubt or sadness. Sitting upright with your chest out shows that you are comfortable with who you are.

Fake it ‘til ya make it

Even if you struggle with feelings of self-doubt, carrying yourself with confidence can psychologically trick yourself into actually becoming more confident. By embodying the demeanor of self-assurance, you might be able to even convince yourself that you are someone worth giving a crap over. Check out Viking Man for your mens health needs.

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