The Viking Manifesto

    Being a man
    is not about passivity or conformity, and it's certainly not about waiting around to be rescued by someone else.

    It is not about what clothes you wear, what you drink, or how much mud you have on your boots. Manhood is about the people you show up for, the example you set, and the legacy you leave behind…

    Sword illustration

    This isn't about blue-collar ideas on manliness.

    It's about taking manhood head-on and breaking this mold the machine is forcing us into.

    Because our modern conception of manhood has become a corporate Frankenstein that we're being sold by beer commercials, Hollywood, record labels, and the advice of mal-formed men in our lives. To take a stand against the online noise, we must dig deeper down to rediscover what manhood means to each one of us.

    We were designed by nature to ACT, to create, and to build. And this takes guts and wisdom, self-knowledge and focus, will, and the strength to know ourselves.

    As a civilization confronting global catastrophes, economic uncertainty, and growing conflict, we cannot lose touch with the values of manhood.

    We must be strong but also know when to be gentle. To be courageous enough to use the sword, yet wise enough to know when to keep it sheathed.

    Our future depends on men taking a stand.

    We need to weed out the truth by diving deeper down inside ourselves. We must look to the past, remembering and emulating the best examples of the great men that came before — the strong, the brave, and the wise. It's through their examples that we will find our collective manhood and then we will know what it truly takes to be a man.

    There's no time to waste.

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