VA ED Claim: How To Get An Erectile Dysfunction Claim As A Veteran

Stress, PTSD, physical injuries, disease, cancer due to radiation exposure – these are all issues that many veterans face when they return home after being on active duty in the United States military. All of these factors can contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction. 

But there’s good news: You can get a VA ED claim. If you’re a veteran who is suffering from erectile dysfunction as a direct result of your service, you could file for veteran health care benefits.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Considered A Disability By The VA?

Yes, erectile dysfunction is considered a disability by the VA. The reason is it inhibits you from performing natural functions of the human male body, including having an erection and sexual intercourse. Furthermore, if your condition was brought on by a traumatic event, be it emotional, mental, or physical, that occurred while you were in the military, the VA is now responsible for compensating you for your sacrifice on the US government’s behalf.

The VA is a department of the United States government, which you served. It is their responsibility to help you with the health issues you developed during that service.

What Are The Benefits Of Claiming ED As A Disability?

The VA offers a Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) for veterans with erectile dysfunction. As of 2021, veterans with a 0% disability rating can get a SMC of $111.74 per month. This money can go toward offsetting the costs of ED prescription drugs, doctor visits, and therapy.

Your disability rating is determined by the VA based on the evidence you give of your disability (i.e., test results or a doctor’s report) and a claim exam. The higher your rating, the higher your compensation. So it’s possible that you could get more than $111.74 depending on the severity of your condition. 

You could also get more compensation if you can prove that your ED was caused by another medical condition related to your service. For example, if you can prove that it was caused by PTSD, your SMC is likely to increase.

How To File An ED Disability Claim With The VA

When you file a disability claim for erectile dysfunction with the VA, there are three things you should have in order. 

  1. Medical Diagnosis Of ED

This step is probably the most obvious, but it bears mentioning: you need an official medical diagnosis of ED to present to the VA. This means making an appointment with a qualified medical professional and obtaining a document from them stating that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. A self diagnosis at home is not sufficient for this step.

  1. Medical Nexus Letter

A medical nexus letter is possibly the most crucial part of the process of qualifying for ED disability through the VA. This document provides evidence and makes the case for the connection between your ED and your military service. Make this letter as detailed as possible, with as many facts and input from medical professionals as possible. 

  1. Medical Record Of How ED Symptoms Are Negatively Impacting Your Everyday Life

The VA wants to know how your disability is currently affecting your everyday life. How is it making normal activities more difficult for you? How is it affecting your mental and emotional health, as well as physical? If you can, ask your doctor to officially record these negative impacts for you. 

Alternatively, you can write a concise personal statement – no more than 3-5 paragraphs long, or 1-2 pages – to express your unique pain and convince the VA that your claim is legitimate.

Don’t Let Pride Or Fear Stop You From Submitting a VA ED Claim

ED is not an easy condition to live with, nor is it easy to admit you may have a problem. There is nothing more difficult for a man to admit than that the thing that made him feel most like a man has been taken away from him. But don’t let pride or embarrassment stop you from filing a VA ED claim. As a veteran and someone who’s served your country and paid the price for it, you deserve some compensation for your struggles. 

At Viking Man, we want to help everyone – including veterans, men with ED, and men who feel like their manhood is lost forever – regain their masculine confidence. We’re here to talk, counsel, and build you up, and to help you feel alive and strong again: sexually, physically, and mentally. Contact us today to learn how.

For more information about filing an ED claim with Veterans Affairs, visit their official government website here.

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